Age: 22
Location: Athens
Sponsors: Nike Sb , Habitat , Analog
The killer with the angelic face. Mellow as fuck off his board , a total annihilator on it . Smooth style and the best flip b tail in the domestic market . His major flaw , being always in love .


Age: 32
Location: Athens
Sponsors: Circa , 5boro , Satori , Independent
There is no way that this guy could ever make it to the team if he wasn’t the owner. You can’t blame him for trying his best but in the real world trying is not enough. When you see him double tap him in the back and hope that he won ‘t brake to tears.


Age: 30
Location: Athens
Sponsors: 5boro , Circa , Satori
At any given time Kostas is always where the action is . Being the pioneer videographer of the Greek scene as he is , stamps his way of seeing reality in every piece of his work. But most of all he is the true soul of any skate gang , always pushing people to give their best . And on top of all he owns every single nose wheelie variation that exists.


Age: 17
Location: Athens
Sponsors: Vans , Propaganda , Nixon , Satori
Not much to be said about this guy. A total street killer and cool as fuck person at the same time. He ll skate and party with you at any given moment. Definitely one of the brightest hopes of the Greek scene . Already a man in the age of 17 , Nikos redefines his skills everyday , pushing Greek skateboarding forward one hammer at the time.


Age: 25
Location: Chalkida
Sponsors: Circa , Black Label
Not enough words on this man’s madness. A character of his magnitude could easily have a career in Hollywood . The least you can say about his skating is that he definitely makes those heads turn. Give him any set of stairs or any transition and he happily chew it for you and then ask you to buy him a beer. …always with a big smile on his face.


Age: 25
Location: Athens
Sponsors: Lakai , Jart , Matix
The handsome one of the group , Ilias is totally schizophrenic between skateboarding and women. You ll run on to him either next to a curb shooting his tech lines or in a bar trying to get women down on their knees. Really great person to hang out and party with .I


Age: 29
Location: Athens
Sponsors: Lakai , Chocolate , Matix , Venture ,
Commonly known as The G , the man , the Legend … Hate him or love him his contribution in the Greek scene is enormous. His telephone number probably is the most popular among the international skater community , since he is always happy to guide any visitors through the Greek spots. He also owns and operates G.U.H . (commonly known as the Greek University of Heelflips.)