Athens Skateboarding’s Finest Color Skates is located dead
central Athens Greece .
We are all about skateboarding and the excitement
of life in big cities.
Our mission since day one 4 years ago ,
is to be the best skateshop we can be ,
serving Greek skateboarders all day long 7 days a week
providing the best and most exclusive available gear.
A place where you can kick back on the sofa and watch
some videos before ripping the streets,
throw a game of S.K.A.T.E outside ,
or simply hang out and have a few laughs with us.
Clothes that ooze style and personality,
limited edition shoes and everything
that has to do with skateboarding.
Pour in the mix the art exhibitions
from the craziest local artists ,
the coolest dudes dropping by and
the best of energy and you have the
picture of what COLOR is about.
Probably the best place for travelers
to get some inside info for the city’s highlights and parties.
Having launched our establishment right in the
middle of the Greek economic crisis ,
we have to prove daily that it s not all about money
and profit margins but about the
commitment to what we love most.
Located downtown Athens,
next to Monastiraki metro station,
on Protogenous str. and Marousi right across
the legendary skatespot Heroe’s square.
Owned and operated strictly by
skateboarders since today. Vassilis Aramvoglou

Color Events is the leader
and pioneer of skateboarding marketing
and promotion in Greece , 15 years now. .
Operated strictly by skateboarders ,
we have the knowlege and skills to undertake
events and marketing projects of any magnitude ,
targeting the “alternative youth of Greece.
We have succesfully executed projects
for brands like Adidas , Nike , Vodafone , Monster Energy , Rockstar ,
Frulite on the go and Mtv helping our corporate friends promote their support and com
mitment to the alternative young and restless.